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  • Dan Dunning

    High School Director
    HS Guitar

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    Dan Dunning
  • David Berkson

    MS English
    MS Theater
    HS Theater

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    David Berkson
  • David Bliss

    After Hours Technical Theatre
    Makeup & Costuming

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    David Bliss
  • David Schonfeld

    HS Liberal Arts

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    David Schonfeld
  • David Wagstaff

    HS English/Humanities
    Middle School Tai Chi

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    David Wagstaff
  • Doug Cornett

    HS English/Humanities
    HS World History

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    Doug Cornett
  • Erin Shannon

    MS and HS Dance
    HS Yoga/Fitness
    HS Musical Theatre

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    Erin Shannon
  • Jack Ciolli

    MS Arts After Hours
    Student Services Assistant

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    Jack Ciolli
  • Jada Pierce

    HS English/Humanities
    Poetry Writing
    English/Humanities Department Chair

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    Jada Pierce
  • Kate Legere

    MS Visual Art
    MS Learning Lab

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    Kate Legere
  • Kristin Van Sickle

    Middle School Vocal Music

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    Kristin Van Sickle
  • Lee Barbara

    MS Guitar

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    Lee Barbara
  • Mark Lighthiser

    HS Instrumental Music
    MS Instrumental Music

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    Mark Lighthiser
  • Melissa Badenhop


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    Melissa Badenhop
  • Nathan Lucas

    HS and MS Digital Media

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    Nathan Lucas
  • Paul Martone

    HS English/Humanities
    HS Creative Writing

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    Paul Martone
  • Rosalind Fell

    HS Dance
    MS Dance

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    Rosalind Fell
  • Sean Cain

    HS and MS Visual Art
    Visual Art Department Chair

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    Sean Cain
  • Wade Willis

    Arts Coordinator
    HS Vocal Music
    HS Theater
    HS Actor's Workshop
    Project Theatre

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    Wade Willis
  • Community Service

    In addition to Community Service requirements in both the middle and high school, the entire school participates in service days during the year.

    Community Service
    Service Day at The Audubon Society
  • Lunch Events

    Friday Lunch events include everything from distinguished guest speakers (such as University of Oregon President and Multnomah County District Attorney) to friendly games of dodgeball.

    Lunch Events
  • Outstanding After-School Classes

    With classes ranging from Darkroom Tech to Robotics to Improv, students can explore visual, performing, and media arts.

    Outstanding After-School Classes
  • All Students Benefit from Exposure to the Arts

    All Students gain new skills and confidence through dance, music, art, and theater classes. Northwest Academy attracts both students with and without an existing interest in the arts.

    All Students Benefit from Exposure to the Arts