Why Northwest Academy

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  • Our Urban Campus

    Northwest Academy’s downtown campus is enhanced by close proximity to cultural institutions, colleges, and even the assortment of food carts where many of our high school students gather at lunch. Being part of a thriving city allows teachers to expand classroom instruction with field trips to museum exhibits, lectures and films, and theater and musical performances. Our students quickly become savvy downtown citizens, and they also become quite expert at using Portland’s exceptional public transportation services and its bike-friendly environment.

    Northwest Academy is proud of what it brings to Portland’s downtown milieu and its unique place as a combined middle school/high school program in the heart of Portland’s arts, culture, and college corridor.

What Sets Northwest Academy Apart


Northwest Academy is an independent, non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Oregon. It is governed by a Board of Directors according to policies set forward in the bylaws. Northwest Academy has a 501(c)(3) classification and tax-exempt status.

Northwest Academy is accredited for secondary matriculation by the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) and by AdvancEd. Its fiscal and administrative processes are regularly examined in fulfillment of the school’s accreditation. Accreditation of an institution by NWAIS indicates that it meets or exceeds the NWAIS Major Standards and Good Practices. An accredited school is one that has available the necessary resources to achieve its stated purposes through appropriate educational programs, is substantially doing so, and gives reasonable evidence that it will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. As an accredited school, Northwest Academy has demonstrated that it is focused on providing a safe and enriching learning environment while maintaining an efficient and effective operation. Accreditation further validates that Northwest Academy is effectively delivering a quality educational experience to its students.

Accredited by AdvancEd (Cognia) and Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) CEEB No. 380912