Program & Philosophy

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  • Grades 6-8

    Northwest Academy’s Middle School is committed to the well-being of its young adolescent students.

At Northwest Academy, We Believe In

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    Rachael Torchia 

    Head of Middle School
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Our Philosophy

Personal support, academic rigor, and artistic adventure inspire students to be intellectually curious and intrinsically motivated. Awareness of the particular social and academic needs of this age group is of the utmost priority. Accordingly, students are provided assistance and encouragement as they develop personal awareness and social responsibility crucial to the maturing middle school student. Students learn critical academic and life skills that allow them to excel in their learning and in their contributions to the community.

Our Program

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  • Fundamental (6th Grade)

    • English Literature & Writing: Fundamentals and Basic Work
    • Social Studies: Ancient Civilizations
    • Math (proficiency-based placement)
    • Life Science
    • Learning Lab
    • Visual Art
    • Tap Dance
    • Music (Band or Vocals)
    • World Language 
  • Preparatory (7th Grade)

    • English Literature & Writing: Applying the Fundamentals
    • Social Studies: Project Citizen
    • Math (proficiency-based placement)
    • Physical Science
    • Learning Lab
    • Dance
    • Music (Band, Vocals, or Guitar)
    • World Language 
    • Arts Electives: Theatre, Speech & Debate, Media Arts, or Visual Art
  • Exploratory (8th Grade)

    • English Literature & Writing: Patterns, Themes, and Genres
    • Social Studies: Modern Conflicts and Resolutions
    • Math (proficiency-based placement)
    • Earth Science
    • Learning Lab
    • Music (Band, Vocals, or Guitar)
    • World Language 
    • Dance or Tai Chi
    • Arts Elective: Theatre, Visual Art, Digital Photography, or Creative Writing
  • Math

    The Northwest Academy math program values proficiency-based placement, an authentically rigorous curriculum, and
    high expectations. Respect for diverse learning styles and divergent thinking encourages teaching that is student-centered and differentiated.

    High school credit is available for advanced middle school math courses, including Algebra 1 and Geometry.

    Mathematical Foundations
    Topics of study include multiplication, division, least common multiples, greatest common divisors, prime numbers, number lines, fractions, percentages, and positive and negative numbers. Students practice their mental math skills and estimation.

    Computations, Number Sense, & Finance
    This course begins with a review of multiplication and division on multi-digit numbers, before students begin to work much more extensively with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on fractions.

    Functions, Equations, & Probability
    This course begins with a review of positive and negative numbers, including integers, decimals, and fractions. Students next study scale factor in both a geometrical and numerical context. Ratios and proportions are used to compare mixtures, elections, and rates. Students practice extensively with fractions, percentages, and unit conversions.

    Algebra 1
    Algebra is the study of generalized relationships expressed with variables that represent number sets. Students learn how key algebraic properties allow for simplification of expressions and solving of equations.

    The objective of this course is to discover the relationships between two- and three-dimensional shapes through hands-on, exploratory lessons.

    Review the entire course catalog for the Northwest Academy Math Program.
  • World Languages

    The Northwest Academy World Languages Program follows a communicative language acquisition model. This approach emphasizes immersion in the target language and a student-centered classroom in which they produce language from day one. 
    The program’s curricular benchmarks and standards come from the Proficiency Guidelines established by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
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