The theatre program offered at Northwest Academy will give students the opportunity to do everything from a tried and true Shakespeare monologue to learning how to run the house lights. Final projects like “Poetry Potpourri” in our middle school Adventures in Theatre allow students to bring poetry that speaks to them to the class and then create a devised work of theater. Our Improv students learn the basics of vocal and physical work along with short- and long-form Improv, all culminating with an improvised full-length play in our very own Blue Box Theatre. In “Project Theatre” and “Broadway Bound,” students rehearse and perform three productions each year, giving student actors, stage managers, stagehands, and costume designers a theatrical experience that closely parallels what one would see in the professional world.

Theatre Offerings at Northwest Academy

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  • Project Theatre

    Project Theatre designs, rehearses, and performs two productions per year. It is a course designed to give student actors, directors, stage managers, set designers, lighting designers, and costume designers a theatrical experience that closely parallels what one would see in the professional world. 
  • Actors Workshop

    This course will unleash and celebrate the unique artist inside each of us. It will challenge students' creativity, stimulate the range of their imagination, and sharpen their abilities to observe themselves and others. By developing their skills to fuse their physical life, emotional life, spiritual life, and mental life, students will begin their path toward developing radiant performances. Students will explore the art of acting through the study of scenes, monologues and songs (optional) using methods and techniques developed by 20th-century masters. 
  • Adventures in Theatre

    This awesome class is for beginning and experienced thespians! Theatre games help our young actors and actresses develop their vocal, physical, and text work. The final project is "Poetry Potpourri," an ensemble piece that pulls together every class member's favorite poem and turns it into an amazing ensemble performance!
  • Improv

    During Improv, students challenge themselves and their imaginations to create in ways they never thought possible. During the first semester, we strengthen improv basics; in the second semester, we focus on long-form improv techniques. We currently offer both middle and high school improv classes.
  • Broadway Bound

    In this middle school musical theatre class, you will learn valuable skills including vocal and dance techniques, character work, and audition prep work. These skills will be used to rehearse and prepare a full-scale musical production. All Middle School students are welcome, 6th-8th grade. All students are required to audition for admission into the class
Named for its iconic blue paint job, the BlueBox Theatre is Northwest Academy's very own performance space.