Dance at Northwest Academy begins with a required Fundamental Tap class for 6th graders—a unique experience where all students, regardless of skill or dance background, learn focus, concentration, rhythm, and performance skills. Our dance program allows students to study principles of movement and composition through technical skill development, creativity, and self-expression. Throughout a student’s dance career at Northwest Academy, they will take a deeper look into various dance styles, choreograph their own dance pieces, create music videos, perform for their peers, and dance alongside local professionals.

Dance Offerings at Northwest Academy

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  • Advanced Dance

    Advanced dance at Northwest Academy is for high school students with at least three years of experience in the areas of modern dance, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, world dance, improvisation, and choreography. Students study principles of movement and composition through technical skill acquisition and development as well as creativity and self-expression. Additional opportunities involve both formal and informal performances throughout the year. 
  • Dance

    Dance is our beginning/intermediate general dance class for high school students that focuses on the areas of modern dance, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, world dance, improvisation, and choreography. Students study principles of movement and composition through technical skill acquisition and development, creativity, and self-expression. This class offers experiences in individual and group work, both in and out of the classroom. Students will participate in formal and informal performances throughout the year. 
  • Exploratory Dance

    This class builds upon the technical foundations established in Fundamental Tap and Preparatory Dance. Students take a deeper look at jazz and hip-hop dance techniques and create their own music videos. Students focus on contemporary dance and the elements of improvisation and choreography. The year will culminate in a performance in Middle School Dynamo.
  • Fundamental Tap

    In this required 6th-grade tap class, students learn the basic steps of tap dancing such as shuffles, paddles, the shim sham, and beginning time steps. They also learn about the history and origins of this unique form of dance. As they progress throughout the year, they will study many different styles of tap, and be encouraged to begin to develop their own individualized choreographic voice.
  • Preparatory Dance

    Preparatory dancers learn how to tell a story through movement, gain confidence in technique skills, performance qualities, and group choreography. They explore these through the year looking at ballet, jazz, and musical theatre-styled dance. Dancers learn basic ballet skills as well as choreography to a story ballet which is performed at the Winter Dance Concert. They also explore basic jazz skills as well as learn choreography to a variety of musical theatre-styled dances. Students perform a group dance at Arts Week.
  • Tai Chi

    Exploratory Tai Chi teaches a wide range of fundamental principles of Tai Chi. In this class, students learn basic forms in various styles, Chi Gong, meditation, martial application and Tai Chi / Taoist theory. The development of balance, deep oxygenation, and meditation in movement is facilitated by the repetitive practice of different series of choreographed movements. The deep relaxation and meditative quality of
    the movements will be emphasized as Tai Chi is an internal martial art. That is, practitioners seek to strengthen awareness and accumulate chi, or energy, within the mind, body, and spirit.

    After Exploratory Tai Chi, students can further explore the traditional Chinese soft martial art of Tai Chi, also known as ''shadow boxing.'' Students will further develop basic skills and techniques that lead toward an integration of mind, body, and spirit. Students will learn 24-Yang Form Tai Chi, the most
    popular form in China. Other possible forms to learn and explore will include Chen style Tai Chi (the oldest style), staff forms, push hands (depending on covid restrictions), etc. Students will delve into different meditation techniques, the concept of ''chi,'' and its significance in fighting and health. This course welcomes the beginner’s level, but experienced students will also benefit from this class. The emphasis will be placed on establishing a solid and wide-ranging foundation of fundamentals. This course will enhance internal strength and energy while improving one’s balance, vitality, and stamina. As an added feature, Tai Chi will often relieve inner stress and help calm one’s mind.
  • Tap 2

    In this is mixed level tap class students explore basic rhythms, patterns, and steps. Students also work on artistry, a variety of tap styles, trick steps, and more improvisation. 
  • Tap 3

    In this advanced level tap class, students build upon the skills they have already acquired and will learn advanced rhythms, patterns, and flash steps. 
  • Yoga

    Our Yoga class builds upon principles of self-awareness, mindfulness, and balance. This class aims to teach students a variety of ways to achieve optimal physical and mental health. Students learn traditional yoga poses and breathing exercises and how to apply them in order to create strength, mobility, and balance in the body. Various aspects of mindfulness, meditation, body-awareness, yoga philosophy, and the science of Ayurveda are also explored in this class. Emphasis is placed on helping each student build self-awareness and consciousness around their own best physical and mental practices. The result is a decrease in stress, a boost in physical and mental health, and a toolbox full of useful techniques that can be used throughout high school and beyond!