Thespian Club

The Northwest Academy Thespians is a club dedicated to making theater accessible to everyone in the Northwest Academy community. The club is made up of a board of six elected thespians and the meetings are open to anyone else who is interested.

Meetings are held once a month and we discuss anything that is happening at the school regarding theater. We run a charity event every year, which can be anything from a food drive, clothing drive, or charity event.

We also attend a variety of events throughout the year. We go to The State Thespian Festival, which is attended by over 1500 theatre students and teachers from around the state of Oregon. The festival features several main stage productions, dozens of one-act plays, workshops, and presentations. Student thespians can also participate in the Regional Acting Competition. This is an event where students can compete in nine categories, and winners can move on to other competitions. 

The Northwest Academy Thespians are a troupe through the International Thespian Society. This means that students can become International Thespians, which comes with its own benefits.

If you want to contribute to your community through theater, come join the Northwest Academy Thespians!