Making a Gift to Northwest Academy

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  • An Investment in the Future of Our Students

    Making a gift to the Northwest Academy Fund not only supports the ongoing health of the school, but it is also an investment in the future of our entire student body. This fund, launched in the fall of each school year, helps bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating our students. Your donations ensure our sustainability and support efforts to improve educational programming and the school’s areas of greatest need.

    At Northwest Academy, as with most independent schools, tuition only covers the basics (operations, maintenance, utilities, salaries, and benefits) – not the full cost of providing an exceptional education. This shortfall is referred to as "the gap."  For most independent schools, this shortfall is 15-20% of tuition; however, at Northwest Academy, our annual gap is 10%.

    Gifts to bridge the gap allow us the flexibility to expand programs, advance educational technologies, support student leadership, provide professional development for our teachers and staff, and so much more.

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  • Helping us Bridge the Gap is Simple

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Questions? Contact Us
If you have questions about the Northwest Academy Fund, contact Cris Gilman, Director of Development, or call 503-223-3367 x310