Program & Philosophy

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  • Grades 9-12

    Northwest Academy’s High School values fascination with ideas and celebrates diversity of perspective, experience, and thinking.  The curriculum is predicated on intellectual passion, shared curiosity, and academic accomplishment.

At Northwest Academy, We Believe In

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    Joanne Kim 

    Head of High School
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Our Philosophy

Northwest Academy's High School is dedicated to providing a challenging and supportive environment in which students grow as artists, academics, and people. As students engage in meaningful arts and academic experiences, they develop empathy, citizenship, and personal responsibility. Student differences and individuality are celebrated as a source of vibrancy and diverse perspectives in the community. Attention to emotional well-being and positive interpersonal relationships in and outside of the classroom creates an environment in which students can excel through academic and artistic risk taking. The students who graduate from our program are prepared to be successful in their pursuits, innovative in academia and the arts, and poised for continued growth and happiness.

Graduation Requirements

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  • Humanities Requirement

    Students must complete Northwest Academy’s entire four-year high school Humanities program, including Thesis Seminar.

    Check out The Pigeon Press, Northwest Academy's student-led literary magazine. The Pigeon Press often uses work from the high school journalism class, artistic responses, and music history courses.
  • Math Requirement

    Students must complete or test out of the required math courses of Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Electives offered include Pre-Calculus, Statistics, and as P.S.U. dual-enrollment, Calculus 1 and Calculus 2.

    Review the entire course catalog for the Northwest Academy Math Program.
  • Science Requirement

    To meet Northwest Academy’s science requirement, students must complete three years of science, including Biology/Human Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, and Physics. Students may take an additional year of advanced science as an elective.
  • World Language Requirement

    The Northwest Academy World Languages Program follows a communicative language acquisition model. This approach emphasizes immersion in the target language and a student-centered classroom in which they produce language from day one. 

    High School students are required to complete Level 2 (second year) proficiencies of a World Language in order to graduate from Northwest Academy. 

  • Arts Diversity Requirement

    Students must complete seven Arts elective credits to meet the graduation requirement. To meet the Arts Diversity requirement, students must complete a full year each of visual and performing arts as well as a full year of either literary or media arts.
  • Physical Education Requirement

    Students may take either take dance classes, Thi Chi, or yoga to satisfy Northwest Academy’s Physical Education requirement. Students may also do an independent physical education project. Proposals must be submitted and approved.
  • Community Service Requirement

    Students must do 30 hours of community service to satisfy Northwest Academy’s Community Service requirement. Proposals must be submitted and approved.