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  • Northwest Academy Students often describe themselves more as a family than a class.

Highlights of Our School Culture

What We're Up To @ Northwest Academy

Middle School Clubs

Middle school clubs meet during the day during our Friday Lunch Event times. Currently, due to our COVID-19 protocols, the clubs are split up by grade. The list of current middle school clubs is below!

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  • Chill Club

  • D&D Club

  • Downtown Awareness Work Club

  • Drawing Club

  • Food Fight Club

  • Fun & Games Club

  • How Can We Break It Club

  • LGBTQ+ Club

  • Marvel Movie Drawing Club

  • Minecraft Club

  • Movies & Art Club

  • Music Club

  • Science Club

  • Sports Talk Club

  • The Hangout Club

  • The Only Digital Club

  • Warhammer & Mini Paintings Club

High School Clubs

High school clubs are student-led and meet during the school day, after school, and even on weekend when needed! The current list of student-led high school clubs can be found below:

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  • Chess Club

  • Computer Programming Club

  • Crafting Club

  • D&D Club

  • Decompress & Vibe Club

  • Food Club

  • Jewish Student Union

  • Mountain Biking Club

  • Outdoors Club

  • Social Justice Club

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is a physical and digital space where student, faculty, and staff work can be displayed. Our physical gallery space is located in our Main Street Building.

In The Classroom

Our classrooms are unique spaces where students can explore, question, and dig in to their subject matter with engaged and supportive teachers.