Congrats to the Cast of Heathers: The Musical

Auditions for our Project Theatre production of Heathers: The Musical took place last last week and we are excited to announce the cast for this performance!

Performances dates are December 1,2, and 7,8,9! Stay tuned for ticketing information

Congratulations to the following students:

(in order of appearance)
Actor’s Name
Veronica Sawyer
Jorja Reed
Hipster Dork/ Teen Ensemble
Oliver Fairben
Preppy Stud/ Teen Ensemble
Tobi Selvoy-Devan
Stoner Chick/ Teen Ensemble
Nox Harris
Young Republicanette/ Veronica’s Mom/ Teen Ensemble
Addy Paternoster
Beleaguered Geek/ Teen Ensemble
Riley Olson
New Wave Girl/ Teen Ensemble
Jax Pike
Officer McCord/ Teen Ensemble
Onyx Brisbois
Officer Milner/ Teen Ensemble
Raine Conley
Martha Dunstock
Rylan Holmes-Shields
Heather Chandler
Mars Davis
Heather Duke
Mayumi Schreiber
Heather MacNamara
Cosmo Somerset
Ram Sweeney/ Ram’s Dad
Shambhava Srikanth
Kurt Kelly/ Kurt’s Dad
Finch Hallstrom
Ms. Fleming/ Teen Ensemble
Olive Alexssen
Principal Gowan/ Big Bud Dean/ Teen Ensemble
Jack Owens
Coach Ripper/ Veronica’s Dad/ Teen Ensemble
LouAnne Steele
Jason (JD) Dean
Evan Gray-Williams