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Congrats to CommuniCare Students and Thank You to the Northwest Academy Community!

Each year, Northwest Academy juniors participate in CommuniCare, a program that "...provides an environment where young adults will learn about the needs of their community and develop leadership skills through grantmaking." This year, our  America Under the Microscope class has officially raised $16,111.61, surpassing their goal of $15,000, and is, according to the folks over at the Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation, the first time a class at Northwest Academy has met the fundraising target!
Their final fundraising effort, a raffle in the middle school, helped the get across the finish line with over $500 in donations and three Learning Lab classes (should out to Kelli, Emily, and Chris!)—earning a celebratory donut party. 
The CommuniCare class would like to thank the entire NWA community for the support that made this fundraising possible. Whether it was a phenomenal cookie you bought or a night of music you took in, we are very grateful for the collective buy-in of students, faculty, and staff!

Congrats and Thank You!