Black Box III "Healing Conversations"

Northwest Academy Dean of Students, Kiara Walls, has brought her experiential artwork to our community! Black Box III ~ "Conversations” is the third installment in The Black Box Experience project.

The Black Box Experience has occupied each space Walls has resided through institutionalized collaboration in Los Angeles, CA at Otis College Art of Design, Dallas, TX at Sunset Art Studios, and now in Portland, OR at Northwest Academy. As a social practice artist, arts educator, and now Dean, Walls sets out to start and continue the conversation around reparations and repair to address the injuries inflicted on the African American community.
Through youth-focused education, conversations, and co-constructing workshops, Black Box III re-centers the Black experience through the lens of repair and healing. In its first and second iterations, Black Box journeyed through the question of "What would reparations look like today?" and Walls discovered through collecting conversational data and self-reflection that the path forward invites healing. Walls highlight healing through channeling the color pink. Pink represents the universal love of oneself. Unfortunately, this notion often isn't associated with blackness which is why Walls chose to combine the two.

No longer focusing on Black Trauma as a narrative, Black Box III invites African & Black American Diaspora and non-Black allies to activate the multi-layered sensory space through holistic dialogue centered around Healing. Through conversation, participants are encouraged to reflect on their interpretation of Healing and of those around them.

You can learn more about Black Box III as well as schedule time to view here.