Congrats! Way To Go! You Did it!!

It must be award season around here because our students are racking them up! From science writing to robotics to math art, Northwest Academy students are playing to win and doing quite well. Check out some of the recent awards our students have won!
Scholastic Writing Awards Western Region at Large 2022
  • Gold Key: Francesca Fox-Gitomer, Critical Essay, Henrietta Lacks: Biomedical Ethics and Racial Justice, faculty mentor: Molly Sultany 
  • Silver Key: Cosmo Somerset, Critical Essay, Virgin't: Exploring Female Sexuality In Hamlet, faculty mentor: Katie Staggers 
  • Honorable Mention:
    • Ingrid Lam, Critical Essay, Prescription via Cheek Swab: A Critical Scientific Analysis of How Pharmacogenomics Fosters Personalized Medicine, faculty mentor: Molly Sultany 
    • Jamie Mack, Critical Essay, Fish are Friends not (farmed) food, faculty mentor: Molly Sultany 

The Celestial Pigeons, Northwest Academy's Robotics team made up of Phineas Silverman, Elliot Strom, Colin Way, Nico Sardi, Lu Puccio,  and Gus Hardman built a robot and competed in their first Tech Challenge this past Saturday. While they didn't win, they worked hard and in their last match, they led their alliance (the team they were on) in scoring and scored in every phase of the game, including the autonomous period! The autonomous period is when the robot does something it's programmed to do on its own. Check out the photos to see them in action!

2nd Annual Desmos Global Math Arts Contest:
Anna Marks recently entered the Desmos arts graphing competition and won 3rd place—the competition was open to all students in the US! She created a cityscape animation, that scrolls through as though you are walking through the city. It's all made through graphing lines and inequalities to fill in areas in specific colors and to create shapes and images.