World Languages

World Languages

Northwest Academy offers courses in Spanish, French, and Mandarin, ranging from Introductory Level to Fluent Level.  The Fluent Level is designed for students coming from language immersion programs who have attained near-native fluency in the target language. High School students are required to complete Level 2 (second year) proficiencies of a World Language to graduate from Northwest Academy.

The Northwest Academy World Languages Program follows a natural/communicative language acquisition model.  This approach emphasizes immersion in the target language and a student-centered classroom in which students eventually produce more language than the teachers.

The World Language Program seeks to help students reach a level of functional fluency in the target language at the conclusion of four or more years of study. Students must  demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking before advancing to the next level.  The program’s curricular benchmarks and standards come from the Proficiency Guidelines established by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

  • College-Prep Academics

    Northwest Academy students write two substantial, college-level thesis projects in their senior year. All juniors and seniors receive college credit through the PSU Challenge Program.

    College-Prep Academics
    Senior Thesis Presentation
  • College Counseling

    Our College Counselor works with students to find schools that will be a good match for them. Northwest Academy graduates attend a diverse selection of colleges and universities across the country including Duke University, Bard College, New York University, and Rhode Island School of Design.

    College Counseling
    College application workshop
  • Exceptional Faculty

    Teachers include professional artists, writers, and performers as well as former college instructors.

    Exceptional Faculty
    Teachers As Mentors
  • Lunch Events

    Friday Lunch events include everything from distinguished guest speakers (such as University of Oregon President and Multnomah County District Attorney) to friendly games of dodgeball.

    Lunch Events