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Apr 30, 2020 |

2020 Virtual Spirit Week

We usually hold spirit week at the beginning of the school year, but we thought it would be fun to organize and gamify a virtual spirit week as we all work from home! Make sure to mark your calendars and get your costumes ready for the week of May 4!


Monday, May 4: Class Colors!

  • Seniors: blue
  • Juniors: green
  • Sophomores: red
  • Freshman: yellow
  • 8th: purple
  • 7th: orange
  • 6th: white
Tuesday, May 5: Bring Your Pet To School Day!
Wednesday, May 6: Dress Like A Teacher Day!
Thursday, May 7: Creative Zoom Background Day!

Friday, May 8: Crazy Hair Day!

The winner gets bragging rights, but also, the high school class that wins gets to vote on the shape that Dan Dunning, Head of High School, shaves his beard into—possible categories to select from will include Tom Selleck mustache, Wolverine mutton chops, Wyatt Earp handlebar, or good ole’ baby face. And the middle school grade-level winner chooses a costume that Jack has to wear for the day!

  • Outstanding After-School Classes

    With classes ranging from Darkroom Tech to Robotics to Improv, students can explore visual, performing, and media arts.

    Outstanding After-School Classes
  • Class Retreats

    Each grade level goes on its own unique retreat that relates to the curriculum.

    Class Retreats
    8th grade science retreat at Mt St. Helens.
  • Prom

    This isn’t your parents’ prom. Everyone dances. And the photos are awesome.

  • Find Out Why Northwest Academy Students Thrive.

    It’s how we teach. And how they learn.

    Find Out Why Northwest Academy Students Thrive.