Spring Re-Opening

Spring Re-Opening

As Multnomah Country’s COVID-19 cases begin to fall into the advisory level and with Executive Order’s from Governor Brown requiring schools to open up this spring, Northwest Academy is happy to announce a creative and safe phased reopening plan that will bring a large portion of our student body to campus after Spring Break.

The first phase is our In-Person Workshops (IPWs) phase: This phase will be focused on bringing students back on campus for a rich and varied array of on-campus experiences with teachers, friends, and classmates.

The second phase is the more traditional Hybrid Model: In the hybrid model, students will be on campus for a portion of the week and in CDL for the rest.


ODE Operation Blueprint for School Reentry 2020-21: View our updated blueprint here


See the calendar below for more details and timelines.

March 13 – March 28  Spring Break Stay safe and stay well and find new ways to enjoy the coming of spring.
March 29 – April 1  Wrap up Quarter 3 via Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) Most of our faculty and staff will have received their second vaccination by this week. After allowing for the vaccines to take full effect and putting safe distance between ourselves and spring break travel, we will initiate In-Person Workshops (IPWs) the week of April 12.
April 5 – April 9 CDL and IPW Orientation to begin Quarter 4 Students who have registered for IPWs will be scheduled for a Zoom-in orientation to campus and to new health and safety protocols and procedures.
April 12 – April 30 First Phase Hybrid Schooling: IPWs (Mondays and Tuesdays) Students who wish may opt into a wonderfully rich and varied array of on-campus experiences with teachers, friends, and classmates, while the academic and arts programs continue according to a slightly modified CDL schedule.
May 3 – June 11 2:3 Hybrid Schooling All High School students returning to campus will be in class, in person on Mondays and Tuesdays, while returning Middle School students will be on campus from 9 to noon on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. You can find the class schedule for the 2:3 hybrid model in today’s eNews.


Class Schedules

IPWs Calendar April 12–29

Hybrid Schedule – All School

Hybrid Schedule – Middle School

Hybrid Schedule – High School

Please login to your MySchool App account for workshops descriptions and sign up form

Campus Safety

For us, as for all downtown residents, safety is key—in our case, we face everything from poor driving to discarded needles to violent political demonstration, and while we do not believe that our downtown community is an inherently unsafe place, we do not want to act like unsafe situations don’t arise. Northwest Academy has a number of safety protocols in place to help protect our school community and we will remain flexible and adaptable as we continue our time here.

For more on our approach to our downtown community, click here.

  • Arts Week

    Each Spring, students showcase their work in visual and performing arts. Dynamo! features middle school students while Esprit! celebrates the work of high school students.

    Arts Week
    Middle School students performing in Dynamo!
  • Creativity Matters Here

    We value creative, independent thought in both our academic and arts classes.

    Creativity Matters Here
  • Find Out Why Northwest Academy Students Thrive.

    It’s how we teach. And how they learn.

    Find Out Why Northwest Academy Students Thrive.
  • College-Prep Academics

    Northwest Academy students write two substantial, college-level thesis projects in their senior year. All juniors and seniors receive college credit through the PSU Challenge Program.

    College-Prep Academics
    Senior Thesis Presentation