Nora Coli

High School Filmmaking Teacher

Nora Colie born and raised in Portland, Oregon is a filmmaker, film curator, film archive researcher, film teacher at NW Academy and the managing director of the POW Film Festival, a festival showcasing films by women and non-binary directors. She is also a freelance producer for OPB’s Oregon Art Beat where she focuses on profiling women artists of color. Her primary film focus is in documentaries where she got her start in New York City working with the filmmaker Eugene Jarecki on his Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning films, “Why We Fight” and “The House I Live In” as well as his highly acclaimed films “The King” and HBO’s “Reagan”. She spent several years in Berlin as part of the art collective Mindpirates that shared projects with the prestigious commercial director, Ralf Schmerberg.

She spends too much time watching animal videos, loves nature and is deeply worried about climate change. She is part of a Portland creative group called Making Earth Cool, whose soul mission is to engage the public in environmental issues using video, art and humor.