Black History Month 2021 - Intisar Abioto & Momo Pixel 2/1

Please make sure to join us on Zoom to hear from local artist Intisar Abioto and Brooklyn artist Momo Pixel! 

*All students are expected to attend these events
Intisar Abioto: (b. Memphis, TN. 1986) is an artist working across photography, dance, and writing. Moving from the visionary and embodied root of Blackgirl Southern cross-temporal cross-modal storytelling ways, her works refer to the living breath/breadth of people of African descent against the expanse of their storied, geographic, and imaginative landscapes. Working in long-form projects that encompass the visual, folkloric, documentary, and performing arts, she has produced The People Could Fly Project and The Black Portlanders.
Momo Pixel: Momo Pixel is an Indie Game Developer, Art Director, and Visual Artist. Beginning her career as a copywriter writing commercials for Nintendo, she later created Momoland, an interactive pixel-art exhibition and in 2017 with Wieden+Kennedy she released Hair Nah, a video game to keep people from touching black women’s hair. Hair Nah became an instant viral sensation receiving both national and international press and accolades. Since then Pixel has created games for brands and artists such as Hulu, NLE Choppa, and her artwork has been featured in the Tate Modern, Victoria Albert Museum, MOAD, with Momoland lvl4 currently showing at MassArt Art Museum in Boston. With a bright pixel-art aesthetic and knack for honestly, her work aims to address social issues, uplift the culture, and expand space for black creatives. 
See you Zoom at 9:50 am on Monday, February 1
*All students are expected to attend these events