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Aug 27, 2020 |

Nessima Gatchalian

NESSIMA GATCHALIAN is our new Middle school science teacher here at Northwest Academy. She comes from a strong background in Biochemistry and extensive experience working with children and young adults in an educational setting. She has taught General chemistry for two years at Oregon State University, HS science specifically, Chemistry and Biology, and MS science both online and in-class and have previously taught various subjects to both elementary and middle school-aged students for several years. She has received a BS and an MS in Biochemistry, a Master’s in Teacher endorsed in Secondary Science from Pacific University, and teaching credentials from the state of Oregon.

As a science teacher, she strives to motivate and create a fun experience of learning for the students, to encourage student autonomy, implement inquiry-based learning, and to encourage students to become active learners in their education. She works to develop a strong relationship with the students and family members so that we can become the best support for our students’ education and success in their learning process. Nessima joined Northwest Academy in 2020.

  • Middle school students are capable of far more rigorous work than they often experience

    Middle school students are acquiring critical skills that will determine the caliber of work they do in high school and college.

    Middle school students are capable of far more rigorous work than they often experience
  • Creativity Matters Here

    We value creative, independent thought in both our academic and arts classes.

    Creativity Matters Here
  • Find Your Curiosity

    At every grade level, we respect our students’ abilities to comprehend challenging ideas and demonstrate their understanding with insight and creativity.

    Find Your Curiosity
  • Scholarships

    About 25% of Northwest Academy students receive scholarship support each year.