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Oct 10, 2012 |

Jada Pierce

JADA PIERCE has taught secondary and collegiate levels for the past ten years. She taught in Baltimore, MD, for three years with Teach for America and completed coursework at Johns Hopkins to become certified in secondary education. She earned an M.F.A. in poetry at the University of Oregon, where she taught poetry and composition courses. She taught English and journalism at Jesuit High School. Jada has been with Northwest Academy since 2008.

  • Find Your Passion

    Northwest Academy is committed to inspiring students to discover their intellectual and artistic voices in a creative and supportive atmosphere fueled by curiosity and constructive challenge.

    Find Your Passion
  • Creativity Matters Here

    We value creative, independent thought in both our academic and arts classes.

    Creativity Matters Here
  • Class Retreats

    Each grade level goes on its own unique retreat that relates to the curriculum.

    Class Retreats
    8th grade science retreat at Mt St. Helens.
  • All Students Benefit from Exposure to the Arts

    All Students gain new skills and confidence through dance, music, art, and theater classes. Northwest Academy attracts both students with and without an existing interest in the arts.

    All Students Benefit from Exposure to the Arts