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Nov 6, 2019 |

Felicia Doni ’12

FELICIA DONI graduated from Northwest Academy in 2012 and went on to earn a B.M. in Piano Performance and a B.A. in Human Rights from Bard College and Conservatory in New York. She continues to perform piano and has a teaching studio in Portland. Felicia joined Northwest Academy as a staff member in 2019.

  • Find Your Passion

    Northwest Academy is committed to inspiring students to discover their intellectual and artistic voices in a creative and supportive atmosphere fueled by curiosity and constructive challenge.

    Find Your Passion
  • All Students Benefit from Exposure to the Arts

    All Students gain new skills and confidence through dance, music, art, and theater classes. Northwest Academy attracts both students with and without an existing interest in the arts.

    All Students Benefit from Exposure to the Arts
  • Creativity Matters Here

    We value creative, independent thought in both our academic and arts classes.

    Creativity Matters Here
  • Arts Week

    Each Spring, students showcase their work in visual and performing arts. Dynamo! features middle school students while Esprit! celebrates the work of high school students.

    Arts Week
    Middle School students performing in Dynamo!